RS-Fees RS - Rights Simplified:
Unlimited media use for 1,3,5 years or in perpetuity. Choose between national use or media spread in more than 1 country. Individual Rights Managed licensing is available for all RS images
Rights Simplified


Pack rs
Choose plainPacks for savings and get license benefits on top
Choose a duration to use RS images internationally for all media without restrictions.
-375.00 USD
2,850.00 USD
-1,050.00 USD
5,400.00 USD
-1,725.00 USD
7,950.00 USD
-3,500.00 USD
12,625.00 USD
-10,000.00 USD
22,250.00 USD
-25,000.00 USD
39,500.00 USD
  • Savings compared to individual licensing
  • Maximum image size
  • International Use
  • Unlimited Seats
  • plainPacks don't expire
  • All Rights Simplified (RS) images available