Copyright and exclusivity

All submitted photographs need to be clear of third party image rights. You will need to confirm that you are the sole owner of all rights. plainpicture only accepts exclusive submissions.

Model Releases and Property Releases

All recognizable individuals in an image need a written agreement for publication and commercial use of the photographic artwork.

Publication rights need be granted by the according model with a model release form.If we come to the conclusion, that we can successfully market your images, we will offer you a contract in order to transfer the usage rights of your images to plainpicture. Of course you will keep the copyrights.

photographers' fee/ royalties

After every quarter plainpicture pays its photographers the revenue from the sale of the usage rights. Therefore photographers receive an e-mail with a detailed list of all sales, as well as recent tear-sheets (if available). Selected tear-sheets will also be shown on our blog.


Your first submission should contain a minimum of 100 to 200 images. The submission can contain various image styles to give an overview of your entire artwork specter.

Please save photographs in JPEG format of midsize quality. (app. 1.200 px width) and avoid spaces and special signs in the filename. Do not use image numbers multiple times. Do not create sub folders and no PDF/HTML galleries.

The quality of the original files is key for successful marketing of your images. All image files need to be suitable for editorial and advertising purposes.

We need a minimum quality of 12 M for reflex cameras, compact cameras only with a resolution of minimum 18 Megapixel. we do not accept mobile phone photographs.

Scans please only from dia  films, medium format films and 4/5 inchens or bigger film format. We do not accept 135 mm negative film. Please don‘t submitt any anlaog material.

We only need Hight resolution files, keywords and releases if you get under contract.

Further steps and return

Please send your first submission to  either by downloadlink or by postal mail to the following address:
plainpicture GmbH
- First Submission -
 Eimsbütteler Chaussee 23
20259 Hamburg - Germany

We will make a selection of the images you submitted and get in touch with you to discuss about further steps. If we won't start a cooperation, all data media will be deleted. Of course, we will return your analog material. plainpicture shall not be responsible for any harm,or damage or loss of the submissions.


May I use the submitted images for personal needs?

You are still the owner of your images. Your contract with plainpicture only regulates the commercial licensing of the usage rights . You can still use your images for self promotion as for example for your website, for exhibitions and exhibition catalogues.

How much can I earn?

The usage fee is calculated by our sales team depending on : the market (advertising, editorial, book-publishing), the type of publication (brochure, posters, flyers, internet display, book covers, magazine etc...), its size,quantities or issues printed, the distribution market (worldwide, national, european, two countries,...), and period of use (1 year, month, days,...). Consequently there is a wide range of prices. On our website you'll find more information about our Fees & Licences.


If you have further questions feel free to get in touch with our team: +49 (0)40-80 81 288 – 20