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Fees and Licensing

Rights Simplified (RS)

Rights Simplified is a new plainpicture license model. RS combines exclusive rights of traditional Rights Managed imagery with maximum freedom of image use. RS images are exclusive photography, previously only carried by traditional Rights Managed collections.
The license fee depends solely on duration and distribution territory. plainpicture RS imagery allows you to select duration of use for 1,3,5 years or unlimited. 
plainpicture RS image licenses do not require media-type, placement, application size or print run. plainpicture RS images are the most attractive solution for unlimited media use.
plainpicture RS images will automatically be delivered in highest file size. 
Industry exclusivity and total exclusivity are available for plainpicture Rights Simplified images.

Rights Simplified (RS) Fees


Rights Managed (RM)

Licensing Rights Managed imagery serves your needs when your project contains individual image uses and if all details for your image uses are set. Media, placement, print run, application size, distribution territory and duration period determine the usage fee. Industry exclusivity and general exclusivity are available for Rights Managed images.

Royalty Free (RF)

Exclusivity isn‘t essential for your projects, but the demand for unlimited distribution and duration is, RF images will fulfill your image needs. Select your desired File Size and the needed license type:

RF Standard:  Allows use of RF images for 1 company brand. No limitation in duration.

RF Unlimited: Allows use of RF images for 1 company including all company sub brands or franchise partners. International use with unlimited distribution and duration. Industry exclusivity and general exclusivity are not available for Royalty Free images.

Which license type for which image use:

RF standard
Distribution for 1 company brand
RF unlimited
International distribution and global or multinational companies
Images uses for the umbrella brand of a company including its sub-brands
Retail licenses for retail photo products

Royalty Free (RF) Fees



How to use plainPacks:

Licence the desired plainPack and download images immediately or later. plainPacks feature unlimited validity. You are not facing any risk to run out of time using your licensed plainPack volume. The bigger the plainPack, the higher your savings. Don't hesitate to get in touch with any questions regarding plainPacks and the most effective use: | +44 (0)20 7253 1344

plainPacks / benefits:

·  Efficient savings versus single image licensing

·  Fast & uncomplicated licensing

·  Unlimited media use

·  International media distribution

·  Unlimited seats

·  plainPacks include unlimited validity

   (Images can be downloaded immediately or as needed)

  plainPack/RS plainPack/RF  
Price Advantage   
Unlimited Media use  All media / unlimited print run
Max File Size Different file size choices
International use  
Unlimited Seats Incl. Globaly Player / Enterprice licence
Unlimited plainPack validity Immediate or on demand image download

plainPacks (RS) prices


plainPacks (RF) prices



Which license models does planpicture offer ?

  • (RS) Rights Simplified
  • (RM) Rights Managed
  • (RF) Royalty Free


Which advantages and options do the different license models offer ?

(RS) Simplified:

Use of exclusive photography combined with maximum liberty of image use. 
Maximum file size without additional costs.
Broad rights and unlimited media use.
Limitation in duration and distribution territory only.
Easy licensing of unlimited media while allowing individual image uses for smaller print runs and individual uses.
Transparent sales and industry history.
Industry and general exclusivity available.

(RM) Rights Managed:

Licensing individual image use for small to mid size projects. 
Transparent sales and industry history. 
Industry and general exclusivity is offered.

RF (Royalty Free)

Unlimited media use.
Licensing by file size for standard and unlimited license types.
Up to 100 seats.


Which price benefits do I have when licensing plainPacks ?

Your price advantage depends on the individual pack version you choose. The bigger the plainPack, the higher your discount 


Do plainPacks have a set duration ?

No, plainPacks feature unlimited validity. You license a plainPack and download images as you need them - immediately or on demand at a later point.


Can RF and RS images or individual file sizes be mixed in one plainPack ?

No, the mix of license types or file sizes is not possible. You are choosing your preferred image type (RS or RF) and for RF plainPacks your preferred file size.


Can I license every plainpicture image  through a plainPack ?

Yes, you can license all plainpicture RS- or RF images in a plainPack.